Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Free Ebook: The Universe has a Helpline and You’re On Hold

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By Brett Tipton

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Peggy peers across the piano black lacquered desk. “So, why do you think we should hire you as head scriptwriter for Right Now Television?” “Well, I've written three New York Times Best Sellers and I've won the Pulitzer Prize.” “Okay, what are those for?” “Books.” “You do know people no longer read books?” “Of course I know. That's why I'm here.” “I see on your resume you studied history.” “I have a Ph.D. in History from Harvard.” “Well, history's not going to get you far here.” “I know. I know.” “Hey, now this is interesting.” Peggy shows Julie a picture on her tablet of a wild party. Julie is holding a bottle and has a lampshade on her head. “Could you tell me a little more about this?” “Oh, I knew I shouldn't have made that Spacebook post. Look, it was just one wild party my junior year.” “Our background check says you were arrested for public nudity.” “Oh, no! Look, I was drunk. These frat boys dared me to streak across the soccer field. It was only one party.” “Public nudity. Now, that's the kind of thing that makes for good television.” “What?” “And drunken stupidity. That will sell great to TTN.” “The Teaching Network?” “Where did you get this lampshade?” “I think I bought it at a pawn shop in Cleveland.” “Oh! Now, see, this is the stuff of great television.” “Wait? You're not interested in my Ph.D. from Harvard or my Pulitzer Prize?” “Did you meet anyone interesting in prison?” “Well, it wasn't prison, um, . . . oh yeah. They had me locked down right between a serial killer and a crack head.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Writer’s Group Comes to Akron

Fiction writers, poets, screenwriters, and wordsmiths of all genres now have the chance to network, get feedback on their work, and find fellowship and community with the arrival of The Writer’s Group, a gathering of language lovers from the northeastern Ohio area.

Led by Akron resident Kora Sadler, the group currently meet at the Kenmore Library for a time of sharing and discussion of writing. Participants bring selections of their work of up to ten minutes, which the group then reads aloud and discusses. While sharing your own work is encouraged, members are welcome to contribute to discussion and observe as well.

The Writer’s Group welcomes all writing styles and genres and already sports a diverse group of participants, from counselors to teachers to medical professionals, who travel from as near as a few blocks from the library to as far as Youngstown and Alliance for meetings. They also provide a useful pool of knowledge regarding submitting work to literary journals, self-publishing, and creating and promoting blogs and ebooks to help members make their goals of professional writing a reality.

“I’m a professional freelance writer and our group gives me the chance to do something working from home doesn’t afford the opportunity for: hanging out with other writers and talking about our craft. It’s incredibly encouraging and liberating to be around like-minded people with a passion for writing,” fiction writer Kori Morgan said.

Meetings aren’t just limited to the sharing of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, though. Participants have also presented a variety of other creative forms of work, including original songs, stand-up comedy, artwork and dramatic readings.

Screenwriter Brett Tipton says that the group’s “anything goes” format is what sets it apart from other organizations of its kind. “We never know what we’re going to hear,” Tipton said. “We do know that exceptional things will be read and shared – but we never know what they’re going to be.”

Reading original work isn’t the only thing the Writer’s Group has planned as they gain steam in the Akron area. Forthcoming activities will include “Shut Up and Write” nights, where participants gather with beverages, snacks and computers to work on their writing projects, a Meet the Writers showcase of members’ written, visual and performance material and a writing workshop and seminar, which will be open to the public for a fee, is also planned for the summer, where Tipton and Morgan will speak about creating original screenplays and fiction.

“This group provides a positive environment that promotes and generates creativity,” fiction and nonfiction writer Amy Trebisky said. “We have different styles […] Since we are open-minded to the art, we are able to critique and genuinely enjoy each other.”

The Writer’s Group welcomes participants from ages 18 and older and meets on select Thursdays and Saturdays throughout each month at 969 Kenmore Blvd. A schedule of upcoming meetings can be found online at: The group offers a laidback atmosphere that welcomes late arrivals. For more information, contact Kora Sadler by phone at (234)-564-3891 or e-mail

“The group inspires me to keep my writing going and even challenge myself to try new styles,” fiction writer and history teacher Greg Milo said. “It also holds me accountable, in a good way -- I always want to come to the group with something new to share, something better than before. And man, is it a blast.”