The Writers Group is a group dedicated to helping and encouraging writers (18+) of all levels, and genres in pursuing their dreams of becoming published writers. We offer positive feedback and methods in helping to make sure that your first steps into writing are positive ones, while for the more experienced writers we offer substantive critiques to help sharpen your work on its way to submission for publication. We have many writers who have professional credits to their names from many publishing houses, whether they are poems, short stories, or full-length novels. We also have writers who have literary representation. With this large swath of experience, The Writers Group can offer you guidance to reaching your goals.

- Where does this group meet?
(For scheduled upcoming meetings and events)

- What kind of writing does this group focus on in terms of critique?

The Writers Group is open to critiquing any genre our members bring to us. Due to the many genres in writing some adult language may (and probably will) be used in writing and discussions. Please be mindful of others we will not read any bigoted or misogynistic works, as we are a group that has members of different ethnic cultures, genders, political views, and religious backgrounds.

- Can you get me published or can you get me an agent?

No. The Writers Group is made up of passionate writers who are constantly pursuing publishing, examining both the traditional and self-publishing industries, and are supportive of helping each other achieve our goals with our knowledge and experience. However, we can in no way guarantee you that your work *will* be published. The Writers Group want to create a collective mind of Writers and Business Experts who can openly pick each others’ brains and provide support. We want to help Authors and Writers learn not just tips to improve their writing but build a successful writing career.

Please e-mail the Organizers at -- thewritersgrouporg@gmail.com with any questions.