Monday, September 9, 2019

The Writers Group Releases Their Fourth Anthology Book “The Forth Coming”

The Writers Group Releases Their Fourth Anthology Book 
“The Forth Coming”

Akron, Ohio- (Sept 9, 2019) - Kora Sadler, the founder of The Writers Group, is pleased to announce the release of its fourth installment anthology, “The Forth Coming”-A book that encompasses a selection of highly diverse poetry, fiction, non-fiction and excerpts from published works by members of The Writers Group.

“The Forth Coming” is the fourth anthology released by The Writers Group and includes the works of accomplished writers and those of emerging talents. “The Forth Coming” is the celebration of decades of learning, practicing and teaching of The Writers Group. 

Kora Sadler shares: “The Forth Coming is a diverse selection of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and excerpts from published works written by members of The Writers Group including selections from – Alex Clay, Amy Schneiderman, Ben DiCola, Brett A. Tipton, Carol P. Vaccariello, and Corine Ricks, along with Eric Beversluis, Havelah McLat, Iris F. Steinen, James Valentino, Jane Lalli, and Ken Rogers. Readers will also enjoy the works of Kora Sadler, Laurie Peel, Leigh Adamkiewicz, Louise Richards, Matthias Hoefler, in addition to Michael Fisher, Pat Hunsicker, Rui Xu, Russell Henley, and Sedrick Walters.”

"We received a great response with the first three anthologies, and we're hoping for the same great level of appreciation with our latest one" said Sadler.

Every page of “The Forth Coming” is written with a personal touch such that either one read this book beginning from the front to back, or maybe one just turn to any page and started reading from there, it does not matter; the message that the book contains will touch the depth of one’s heart in numerous ways. One must buy this book to get the undiluted wisdom in it as words cannot describe the beauty and wonders of this book!
The books have been launched and can be purchased all over the world. Readers who wish to experience this potent work can purchase the paperback edition of “The Forth Coming” online on Amazon and other digital platforms.

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About The Writers Group
Founded in 2014 by Sadler, the group has more than 1,800 members and is an eclectic association of poets and screenwriters, actors and comedians, artists and singers, and students, teachers, and scholars.

The ensemble connects on the social media platform Meetup to share, learn and encourage all aspects of the writing life. Members offer critiques for experienced authors and help guide new writers as they take their first literary steps.

Locally, The Writers Group also meets in person every two weeks on Saturdays from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Those gatherings are held at The Akron Kenmore Library, located at 969 Kenmore Blvd. in Akron. It’s a time for individuals to read or critique excerpts of what they’re working on and an opportunity to meet like-minded writers. The association welcomes new and established writers in all genres for learning, fellowship, and fun.

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